Bhasha is an e-learning language platform with live and native instructors designed to help individuals learn different languages online. It offers a variety of courses and resources to enhance language skills.

Yes, Bhasha caters to learners of all proficiency levels, including beginners. The platform offers courses starting from the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced levels.

Bhasha platform is signed to go beyond language learning. The most important aspect of Bhasha is its instructors. All classes are live. Beyond that, its unique features include members chat feature, discussion forums, quizzes section, language learning programs, making Bhasha very special.

English, Spanish, French and Bangla.

Bhasha’s pricing structure can vary, depending on the type of class. Please check our subscription page for more details.

No. However, our instructors may take a language assessment.

You can join live classes from your dashboard. It is online and taken on Zoom.

8 classes, 1 hour each. It may vary if you take 1:1 courses.

Yes, Bhasha often includes speaking and pronunciation practice in its language courses. It may offer features such as audio recordings, voice recognition technology, and interactive exercises to help users improve their speaking skills and pronunciation.

Yes,  all classes at Bhasha are live.

Yes, Bhasha typically provides progress tracking features. It is easily accessible from the user`s dashboard to help users monitor their language learning journey. The platform also includes features like proficiency assessments, quizzes, and personalised feedback to evaluate and measure individual progress over time.

Commision Structure

Subscriptions allow students to choose how many hours of lessons they’ll take every week. It will allow students to take either 1:1 classes or group classes.

It’s free to sign up for Bhasha, and we don’t charge a fee to host your profile as an instructor. 

Commission is only charged when a tutor starts to get bookings from students. The more classes you teach on Bhasha, the lower the commission rate.

The rates of the commissions are shown in the table below. It is important to take commision into account when you set the hourly rate. Please note that the number of classes mentioned below is the overall number of classes taken in Bhasha (not classes per student).

Total Number of Classes

Commision Rate

1 Class


2 Classes


3 Classes


4 + Classes


A large part of our commission is invested in marketing to bring in students to the platform from all around the globe. We also invest in platform optimization and technical improvement such as our website, social media pages and any other platforms used in Bhasha, to create a better online study space that will enhance your tutoring experience. Every rising company has a support team, thus investing in experienced interns is a must. 

Tutors are not paid for taking trial classes as the class is basically an introductory class for the student(s) and teacher to get to know one another. After the trial class, you will get an idea as to whether the students are interested in moving forward with their lessons.

  • Premium Zoom Membership
  • Members & Instructor Chat Feature
  • Assign homework & take part in a discussion forum
  • Social activity – share social updates, photos & take part in social discussion
  • Teacher’s reviews and ratings
  • Reach students across the world without boundaries